MIR-FIR/THz Spectroscopy

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MIR-FIR/THz spectroscopy in one step.

Polymer Filler Material

Analysis of polymer fillers and colored pigments.

Polymorph Differentation

Identification of sample crystallinity.

Inorganic Minerals

Geology and metal organic chemistry.


First mid and far IR/Terahertz spectral library.

VERTEX FM functionality:
MIR-FIR/THz Spectroscopy in One Step

The extension of the mid IR towards the far IR spectral range below 400 cm-1 is of general interest for molecular vibrational analysis for various application fields and industry branches. Till now, to extend the spectral range, one or more additional far IR beamsplitters and detectors are required and the user has to manually open the spectrometer optics bench.

Now available for the first time is Bruker’s VERTEX FM feature for VERTEX 70-70v FT-IR research spectrometers which combines the unique wide spectral range beamsplitter, the new wide range detector and the standard IR source to cover the spectral range from 6000 cm-1 down to 50 cm-1 in one single scan for all types of transmittance, reflectance and ATR measurements.

Additional Values of VERTEX FM

  • Full mid and far IR spectrum in one go

  • Enormous time saving due to just one single measurement

  • Acquisition of the complete molecular vibrational spectral information

  • No break of purge or vacuum conditions for optical component exchange

  • No danger of touching or damaging expensive and sensitive optical components

  • No need for complex and demanding exchange devices

  • All optical components are insensitive to humidity

  • Polymer filler material

  • Polymorph differentation

  • Inorganic minerals

  • MIR-FIR ATR library

Main Application Fields of VERTEX FM

  • Inorganic and organometallic chemistry

  • Semiconductor development and research

  • Studies on polymer filler material and color pigments

  • Geological and rock analysis (mining)

  • Pharmaceutical fillers and active agent measurements

  • Polymorphs differentiation

  • Crystallinity identification

  • Product and material comparison

  • Low temperature matrix isolation spectroscopy

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in One Step AN M118.

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