MIR-FIR/THz Spectroscopy

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First mid and far IR/Terahertz spectral library.


MIR-FIR/THz spectroscopy in one step.

Polymer Filler Material

Analysis of polymer fillers and colored pigments.

Polymorph Differentiation

Identification of sample crystallinity.

Inorganic Minerals

Geology and metal organic chemistry.

First Mid and Far IR/Terahertz Spectral Library

Together with the unique Bruker FM technology for VERTEX 70v and INVENIO R research spectrometers, a smart Bruker FM ATR library for the complete mid and far IR spectral range has been announced. It greatly simplifies the spectral search and identification process, especially in the FIR/THz region. This library is the first of its kind to extend the lower limit of available spectral range from 400 cm-1 down to 30 cm-1. Combining the Bruker FM technology and the new FM ATR library, your own individual MIR-FIR ATR library including the whole MIR-FIR/THz spectral range can be created for dedicated product or compound classes.

  • Full FIR-MIR spectra, spectral range 4000-30 cm-1

  • Compound information included

  • Ideal for study of filled polymer composites

  • Use of single crystal ATR technique

Example of library use:

Search example of Styrene Butadiene copolymer (SB) containing calcium carbonatte.

Read summary about Bruker FM
ATR Library PN S39.

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