MIR-FIR/THz Spectroscopy

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Polymorph Differentiation

Identification of sample crystallinity.

Inorganic Minerals

Geology and metal organic chemistry.


First mid and far IR/Terahertz spectral library.


MIR-FIR/THz spectroscopy in one step.

Polymer Filler Material

Analysis of polymer fillers and colored pigments.

Polymorph Differentiation
Identification of Sample Crystallinity

The same chemical compound can exist in different solid forms like crystals, solvates, desolvated solvates or amorphous solids. The diverse polymorphic forms exhibit different physical properties, such as solubility, melting point, particle size, dissolution rate and hygroscopicity, which are relevant to the bioavailability of the compounds. Therefore, the differentiation and characterization of polymorphs becomes more and more routine for pharmaceutical companies. The unique Bruker FM technology offers the measurement of the complete FIR-MIR spectral range in one step and allows for simultaneous identification and polymorph screening of samples.

  • MIR region covering fundamental molecular vibrations for the identification of the substance

  • FIR region covering back bone vibrations of larger molecules and intermolecular vibrations in crystal lattices

  • The whole informative spectral range MIR-FIR/THz can be covered in one single measurement

Example application

Spectra of different antibiotic sulfathiazole polymorphs.

Read summary about Bruker FM Wide Range FIR-MIR Spectroscopy AN M127.

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